NDCPD Cultural Competence

NDCPD Cultural Competence Advisory Committee (CCAC)


The mission of the NDCPD Cultural Competence Advisory Committee (CCAC) is to build diverse relationships, strengthen community connections, and inform professionals in order to improve service delivery to citizens with disabilities and their families


Vision statements:

• Equality and Inclusion for All

• Valuing Diversity and Change

• Reaching out with respect, integrity, and unconditional positive

• Promoting self-management of prejudice

• Creating Learning Opportunities


Values statements:

Self-reflection and self-awareness lead to understanding cultural diversity


Understanding you leads to understanding the person next to you


Cultural Competence is an ongoing process of knowledge building, discovery and clarity


Activities that achieve mission, vision, and values statements:

1. Participation in disability etiquette refresher training

2. Cultural trainings and presentations

3. Education regarding awareness of stereotypes, stigmas, and -isms related to various cultures

4. Participation in CCAC’s activities, trainings, and provide constructive feedback/suggestions

5. Center engagement with diverse university and community groups

6. Awareness of how to manage prejudices in order to provide excellent services

7. Infuse cultural components into all grant applications and center’s current grant projects



January 2016

NDCPD Cultural Competency

Committee presentation on

Mexican Culture

Speakers - Elisa Rodriguez

and Marina Carillo


(YouTube Video Link)




April 2016

NDCPD Cultural Competency

Committee presentation on

Japanese Culture


(YouTube Video Link)










NDCPD Cultural Competence Advisory Committee 2016
(pdf - 500kb)


Cultural Events


Diversity Fellowship grant

This project goal is to increase workforce development and service impact in the Native American population through a one-year diversity fellowship. To accomplish the goal, there are five objectives. 1) Recruit one fellow who is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians (TMBCI) to participate in NDCPD’s diversity fellowship for one year; 2) Create a measurable Individual Cultural Competence Leadership Plan (ICCLP) for the identified Fellow. 3) Design and implement a workforce development capstone project; 4) Increase culturally competent service delivery of NDCPD’s grant projects to members of the TMBCI reservation; and 5) Sustain the project by identifying resources to support future Fellows at NDCPD past the project end date.


Fitness for Everyone - Part of the Creating Inclusive Recreational and Fitness Facilities in ND project.

(more info... pdf)



Resources for Cultural and Linguistic Competence (pdf - 105kb)


Cultural Competence video links (pdf - 63kb)


Anti-Defamation League Calendar of Observances 2016

(pdf - 516kb)

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