People First Language and PSA's

Communicating Effectively With People Who Have a Disability -
People First Language
- NDCPD (pdf - 1085kb)


Below are marketing tools created by the Mythbuster Project:

Mythbuster's Television PSA2 - Employment   (YouTube)

Mythbuster Radio PSA 1- Employment Spot  (mp3 audio)

Mythbuster's Television PSA1 - Family      (YouTube)

Mythbuster Radio PSA 2- Family Spot            (mp3 audio)

Mythbuster's Television PSA3 - Community         (YouTube)

Mythbuster Radio PSA 3- Community Spot   (mp3 audio)

2011 disAbility Date Book  - (pdf - 2538kb)



MSU Student participation videos

Accessibilty   (YouTube)

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention   (YouTube)

People First Language   (YouTube)


North Dakota Center for Persons

with Disabilities

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