Marilyn Undhjem

Contact Information:


Ms. Marilyn Undhjem

Minot State University

500 University Avenue West

Minot, ND 58707

(800)233-1737 or (701)858-3580


Ms. Marilyn Undhjem is the Administrative Secretary for the main office of NDCPD. She also provides secretarial support for the Adult Student Transition Education Program (A-STEP); Money Follows the Person Housing Program (MFP); Great Plains Interdisciplinary Autism Diagnostic Clinics (GPIC); Autism Spectrum Disorders Evaluation & Diagnostic Team (ASD); Inclusive, Affordable, Accessible Housing Options Project; and the APPLE Project. Other duties include clerical support in the development of grant proposals.


Ms. Undhjem's Vita (pdf document)

North Dakota Center for Persons

with Disabilities

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