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NDSCDD Funding Opportunities

The North Dakota State Council on Developmental Disabilities (NDSCDD) is responsible for preparing and issuing competitive solicitations based on established goals and objectives with intended outcomes that support the NDSCDD Five Year State Plan.

                                                 Through its funding, NDSCDD works to
                                                  increase the capacities and resources of
                                                   public and private non-profit entities and
                                                    others to develop a comprehensive
                                                    community system that responds to the
                                                           choices, capabilities and needs of
                                                               persons with developmental
                                                                  disabilities and their families.
                                                                      The purpose of Council
                                                                        grants are to support new
                                                                         and innovative projects;
                                                                           as well as to expand
                                                                           best practices and
                                                                             contribute to system
                                                                              wide changes that
                                                                              support the rights of
                                                                             people with
                                                                            disabilities and their full
                                                                          inclusion as community

                                                                       The NDSCDD is authorized
                                                                      to grant funds to public and
                                                                    non-profit entities and for
                                                                    profit organizations.

The funding of projects is contingent on the NDSCDD’s receipt of sufficient federal funds. Changes in the level of federal appropriations to the NDSCDD may result in the withdrawal of some or all projects or reduction in funding after the announcement of a grant award. The NDSCDD assumes no responsibility for the costs incurred by applicants prior to formal awarding of a grant and reserves the right not to fund a proposal requested in the project area.



The North Dakota State Council on Developmental Disabilities is changing the date of this year’s grant cycle to begin on March 15, 2017 - December 31, 2017.

Information on grants available in the next grant cycle will be uploaded to the council’s website at www.ndcpd.org/scdd.

IMPORTANT: The council will continue to fund through 2017, the small innovative grants and Consumer Leadership Development Fund opportunities currently listed on the council’s website.

For information about the council, go online to www.ndcpd.org/scdd or contact Executive Director Julie Horntvedt at 701-328-4847, ND Relay TTY 800-366-6888, or jhorntvedt@nd.gov.   

Date Posted: December 15, 2016


2017 Innovative Grants

Innovative Grants are small grants for unique projects that by their very nature spark enthusiasm. The applicant should demonstrate expertise in the project area and creative collaboration and leveraging of other resources. Innovative Grants should respond to a barrier or issue that has not been successfully addressed to any real extent. Innovative Grants may replicate “best practice models” or propose an entirely new project that increases the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in community life, particularly around the areas of relationships, homes, jobs, learning, supports or transportation.

The ultimate outcome of Innovative Grants is to promote policies, systems change, and capacities building that improve the quality of life for North Dakotans with developmental disabilities.

The State Plan goal areas that will consider when the Council receives and reviews applications for the small innovative grants would include:

The Council’s State Plan can be accessed on line at www.ndscdd.org Examples of small grants include, but not limited to:

2017 Grants Manual (pdf)

2017 Innovative Grant Description (pdf)

2017 Innovative Grant Application (pdf)

2017 Innovative Grant Budget Form (pdf)

2017 Innovative Grant Work Plan (pdf)


18-21 Year Old Community Work Opportunities (pdf)

Employment Conference (pdf)

Health Conference (pdf)

Staff Recruitment (pdf)

Novel/New/Innovative Health Project (pdf)


2017 Consumer Leadership Fund

The Consumer Leadership Development Fund has been established to make funds available to defray the costs for self-advocates and parents/family/guardians of children/adult children with developmental disabilities to participate in conferences, workshops, and other training opportunities that will increase their knowledge of disability issues and increase their skills as advocates for people with developmental disabilities.

2017 Consumer Leadership Development Fund Instructions (pdf)

2017 Consumer Leadership Development Fund Application (pdf)