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5 Year State Plan

The NDSCDD is funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities. ADD requires North Dakota and other funded states and territories to create a 5-year, strategic State plan in accordance with The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000. The NDSCDD is currently operating under its 2017 - 2021 State Plan (pdf). This plan includes the results of a comprehensive review and analysis which provides information on services, supports, and other assistance that are available to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the State. Also included are activities demonstrating new ideas for enhancing people's lives through training activities, community education and support.

North Dakota State Council on Developmental Disabilities (NDSCDD) 2017 - 2021 Goals & Objectives - Feedback Request  (PDF)

Developmental Disabilities Assistance & Bill of Rights Act of 2000