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Funding: This project is funded through a subcontract of the Money Follows the Person Grant Awarded to NDCPD in 2016 by NDDHS.

Welcome to the

Active Support System Change Project


Active Support is a person-centered approach to providing direct support. Active Supports help to be actively, and consistently, engaged in meaningful activities  regardless of their support needs.


While most people spend 90% of their day engaged in meaningful activity, research studies show that only 13% of the day is spent engaged in meaningful activities by people with disabilities who reside in group living arrangements.


By adopting the Active Support model, you can help to change the outcome. For more information or to schedule a FREE training at your facility, contact Cathy Haarstad at or call her at 701-858-3048


Active Support complements your agency's use of person-centered planning, positive behavior supports, and community staff training modules and helps your staff learn to successfully meet accreditation requirements.



What is Active Support?

Active Support System Change Project - NDCPD - NDDHS 2016

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