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Community Staff Training Program

For over thirty years, North Dakota has provided staff training through a cooperative effort of the North Dakota Department of Human Services (NDDHS), the North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities (NDCPD) at Minot State University (MSU), and community agencies serving persons with developmental disabilities (DD). Full-time direct support and professional staff are required to demonstrate knowledge and skills learned through training modules and a series of field-based practica. Service providers employ state-certified regional trainers to teach these modules. MSU faculty offer regional workshops, audio-conferences, and conferences specific to interests of community-based staff and meet quarterly with the agency trainers for training and curriculum development.

The seven-step professional developmental sequence through MSU includes: (1) entry level orientation; (2) position-based competency training; (3) Certificate of Completion; (4) an Advanced Certificate; (5) Association of Science in Human Services: Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities; (6) a Bachelor of Science in Human Services: Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities  and (7) a Master of Science in Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learning options include formal instruction, on-site demonstration, mentoring, and self-study with or without discussion group participation. Staff members may test out of individual modules.

Key program elements include cooperation among NDDHS, NDCPD, and service providers; comprehensive, but flexible, training materials; a statewide system of individual training records; comprehensive resource lending library; state standards for staff training; a career training sequence leading to academic degrees; and program consistency across North Dakota. Partners in the training program collaboratively develop and revise training curricula to keep the training program up-to-date.

DHS funds salaries of agency trainers and training time for direct support staff, and MSU’s materials development and training activities. State funding for this project is over $89,500.

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