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Community Staff Training Program

Developmental Disabilities Modules/Coursework

Sp.Ed. 101 Introduction to Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities 3 SH

*895.39 Supporting Individuals with Disabilities in the Community
*895.03 Legal Issues and DD
*895.40 Person Centered Planning
*895.41 Working with Families
*895.42 Job Coach Essentials

Sp.Ed. 111 Health Care in I/DD I 3 SH

*895.06 Medications Training
**895.44 Maintaining Health and Wellness
**895.45 Promoting Nutrition and Wellness
**895.46 Sexuality and DD
**895.47 Oral Hygiene & Dental Care
**895.50 Introduction to Health Supports

Sp.Ed. 112 Health Care in I/DD II 2 SH

**895.10 Seizures
**895.11 Positioning, Turning and Transferring
**895.61 Supporting Independent Living

Sp.Ed. 120 Introduction to Positive Behavior Support 3 SH

**895.51 Positive Behavioral Support
**895.52 Designing & Implementing Positive Approaches to Behavioral Support
**895.15 Writing Behavioral Objectives and Measuring Behavior

Sp.Ed. 130 Expanding Leisure Options in I/DD 1 SH

**895.20 Friends and Fun – Expanding Leisure Options and Community Connections

Sp.Ed. 140 Human Development 2 SH

**895.22 Human Development I
**895.23 Human Development II Sp.Ed. 221 Promoting Personal Outcomes 2 SH
**895.55 Assessment & Settings Goals
*895.18 Achieving Personal Outcomes

Sp.Ed. 223 I/DD & Mental Health Disorders 1 SH

**895.53 Dual Diagnoses: ID and Mental Health Disorders

Sp.Ed. 225 Assisting People with Traumatic Brain Injury 2 SH

**895.56 Assisting People with Traumatic Brain Injury & Their Families
**895.57 Beyond Brain Injury: A Manual for Supported Employment Providers

Sp.Ed. 250 Developing Communicative Interactions 2 SH

**895.69 Supporting Communication
**895.60 Interpersonal Communication

Sp.Ed. 255 Aging and I/DD 2 SH

**895.34 Aging and DD I
**895.35 Aging and DD II

Sp.Ed. 296

* Supervised Field Experience in DD 4 SH


3 Legal Issues
6 Medications
10 Seizure
11 Positioning Turning and Transferring
15 Writing Objectives and Measuring Behavior
18 Achieving Personal Outcomes
20 Friends and Fun
34 Aging and DD
39 Supporting Individuals with Disabilities In the Community
40 Person Centered Planning
42 Job Coach
51 Positive Behavior Support & Documentation
52 Designing and Implementing PBS
55 Assessment and Setting Goals
62 Guidelines for QDDPs*
64 Frontline Supervisor*

Observations - Direct Support Skill Standards

A. Participant Empowerment
B. Communication
C. Assessment
D. Community and Service Networking
E. Facilitation of Services
F. Community Living Skills and Supports
G. Education Training and Self-Development
H. Advocacy
I. Vocational, Educational, and Career Support
J. Crisis Intervention
K. Organizational Participation
L. Documentation
M. Building and Maintaining Friendships & Relationships
N. Providing Person Centered Supports
O. Supporting Health and Wellness Electives for Certification (Not a part of the Associates Degree in DD)

**895.21 Human Development (Condensed)
**895.33 Rearranging Lives After Alzheimer's
**895.43 Diabetes
**895.58 Supporting Individuals with Autism Across the Lifespan
**895.59 Assistive Technology
**895.62 Guidelines for QDDPs
**895.64 Supervision and Leadership
**895.65 Promoting Public Relations and Community Education
**895.66 Job Development
**895.67 Community Based Supports for Individuals with DD and a History of Sexual Offense
**895.68 Working in Family Support Settings