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Audio/Video Resources

Below are links to audio and video clips to help you understand your child's hearing loss.

NCHAM Parent Training Videos
Links to the NCHAM web site.

Krista (Windows Media Video - 14sec)
"Krista" has severe-profound hearing loss. She uses hearing aids.

Lila (Windows Media Video - 11sec)
"Lila" is profoundly deaf. She received a cochlear implant at 18 months of age.

Say What: An Example of Different Levels of Hearing Loss (Windows Media Audio - 12min, 14sec)
"Say What" is an audio training. Listen to what people with hearin gloss experience.

Two Girls (Windows Media Video - 26sec)
"Two Girls" is an audio file of a girl with hearing loss. She was aided in the 1970s.

LEND Training Video - First part - The impact of developmental factors and diverse childhood experiences on health,life course, and public health perspective. Second part - The basic elements of family-center care; panel members share examples of family-centered care in their own families - 9/8/2017