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ND FamNet supports collaboration between family support organizations to improve health outcomes for families of children, youth and adults with special health care needs and/or disabilities. Our partner agencies have come together to develop this portal to help guide you to the agencies that will best help meet the needs of your family.

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The health benefits counseling training held on April 12, 2011, provided participants with a better understanding of how:  to conduct a successful health benefits counseling program while also managing individual client cases; the benefits planning counseling function fits in at health care providers’ locations, public health offices, community organizations, and larger advocacy and service networks; and provided participants the opportunity to review actual North Dakota case examples for program relevance.  Michael Rust, of ABC for Rural Health & HealthWatch out of Madison, Wisconsin provided the training for ND FamNet and can be reached at 715-485-8525 or email:  miker@co.polk.wi.us.

FamNet Health Benefits Counseling Training April 12, 2011

North Dakota Presentation 2011 (powerpoint)
North Dakota Presentation 2011 (pdf)
HBC Training Agenda 2011 (pdf)