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Research - Children with Special Health Care Needs or Disabilities
April, 2009

Many families search for information about special health care topics online. ND also has some important special topic libraries or resource listings that member agencies offer or use. Finally we have included just a few of the national resource listings that families find to be easy to use. Please consider these resources in your search for information.

Childcare Resource & Referral               

Children’s Special Health Services          

Family Voices of ND                             

ND Aging and Disability Resource-LINK  

NDCPD Products & Resources               

ND State Parent Information Resource Center

ND State Library                                  

North Dakota Yellow Pages for Kids        

ND DHS Early Intervention Library          

ND Interagency Project for Assistive Technology

Pathfinder Family Center                               

Rural Assistance Center Online- State Page

Rural Success Stories                                

National Libraries

The Quality Mall                                     

Rural Assistance Center Online                

Family Village                                         

World Cat