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Below are products developed or used by the NDIS project and suggested links to find out more about Medical Home, Healthy Transitions and Family Involvement/Cultural Competence. For easier navigation, select your topic of interest below:

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Medical Home

Online Reporting Form
- Monthly Summary Report and Summary of Change

Printable Reporting Forms  (print, fill-in, and send paper copy - pdf format)
- Monthly Summary Report
- Summary of Change Form

Medical Home Assessments and Tools
- Medical Home Index
- Parent Perception Surveys
- CAHMI Screener
- CAHMI Screener - Spanish and English
- PDSA Worksheet
- Clinic Walk-Through

ND Pilot Site Handouts
- Trinity Brochure

ND Pilot Site Care Plans
- Sanford Care Plan (sample)
- Trinity Care Plan (blank)
- Trinity Care Plan (sample)

- National Center for Medical Home Implementation
- National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality
- Maternal and Child Health Bureau
- ND Children's Special Health Services
- ND American Academy of Pediatrics
- Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems

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Healthy Transitions to Adult Life

- NDIS Technical Report: Replicating Healthy Transitions Pilot Sites

- Interagency Agenda
- PDSA Worksheet
- PDSA Report
- Developmental Checklists

- ND Department of Public Instruction
- Healthy Ready to Work
- Got Transition?

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Family Involvement and Cultural Competence

- Family Voices of North Dakota
- National Center for Cultural Competence

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NDIS Newsletters

- March 2011
- February 2011
- November 2010
- September 2010
- July 2010
- May 2010
- March 2010b
- March 2010a

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NDIS Fact Sheets

- Healthy Transitions: Elementary to Middle School
- Healthy Transitions: High School to Post-Secondary
- Healthy Transitions: Adolescence to Adulthood
- Healthy Transitions: Pedatric to Adult Care
- NDIS Family Involvement
- NDIS Medical Home Technical Assistance
- NDIS Overview

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Care Coordination Modules

- Module 1: Care Coordination
- Module 2: Healthy Transitions
- Module 3: Medical Home - A Guide for Professionals
- Module 4: Health Benefits Counseling
- Module 5: State and Local Resources

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