The North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities
Consumer Advisory Council (CAC)

This council reviews NDCPD’s five year plan. The members of the CAC look at NDCPD's goals and help set priorities. They also review progress toward those goals as required under the DD Act. The committee reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of North Dakota. Representatives include people with disabilities and family members from across the state. Agency participants include a member from the Protection and Advocacy, a self-advocacy group, and the DD Council.


The committee meets quarterly. Typical activities include:members personally visiting NDCPD and reporting back to the full committee, members sharing advocacy efforts in local areas, and members discussing fund raising activities for NDCPD's Scholarship Fund. Members also attend conferences and review NDCPD's five year plan.


Members of the committee report this leadership experience meets many needs. They enjoy networking with other members, learning about state-of-the-art research, having input into activity design and meeting a wide variety of people through CAC activities.


Featured AUCD / UCEDD Resource Center Brief:
Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) Support, Promising Practice Brief, 2010




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