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Teen Night Out - Outcomes

TEENS - Most teens that come have difficulty with these skills at first but gradually make progress and gain confidence over time

PARENTS - Most parents that come are unsure of what to expect but gradually start coming more often or find other ways to contribute


Parents / Guardians

•Use good hygiene to get to participate
•Learn how to self-manage at the event
•Try different recreational activities
•Participate without a parent in the room
•Gain confidence and self-reliance
•Learn about healthy relationships
•Start doing activities on their own
•Use positive ways to solve problems
•Enjoy themselves and have a good time
•Connect and feel like part of the group

•Meet and get to know other parents
•Bring up topics that concern them
•Help their child separate and gain confidence
•Learn what other parents are doing
•Find out more about the community
•Learn what to expect after high school
•Have a better feeling about the school
•Meet & visit with adult service providers
•Feel less alone and feel accepted as a parent
•Start contributing to the program
•Spread the word to other families