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Teen Night Out - Outcomes

TEENS - Most teens that come have difficulty with these skills at first but gradually make progress and gain confidence over time

PARENTS - Most parents that come are unsure of what to expect but gradually start coming more often or find other ways to contribute



Parents / Guardians

“This is so much fun, you are going to love it here.”

“It’s my night mom, I don’t need you there, these are my friends.”

“We played basketball with Chad and Megan.”

“Judy is the best cook!”

“He is really motivated to get his work done for TNO”

“I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in her since she started going.”

“I think this program was exactly what we needed for these kids.”

“ Her brothers & sisters were always busy but the phone never rang for our youngest daughter. Well now it does.”

“ I really like the speakers they have for parents. We get really good information.”

“My son has just grown so much in this program. We look forward to it too.”