Table of Contents

Lesson 1: What is Wellness?
            Feedback Exercise

Lesson 2: Health and Wellness Among Persons with Disabilities
            Feedback Exercise

Lesson 3: Dietary Guidelines for Americans
            Section A - Dietary Guidelines for Americans
            Section B - Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Aim...Build...Choose...for Good Health
            Section C - Aim for a Healthy Weight
            Section D - Be Physically Active Each Day
            Section E - Let the Pyramid Guide Your Food Choices
            Section F - Choose a Variety of Grains Daily, Especially Whole Grains
            Section G - Choose a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Daily
            Section H - Keep Food Safe to Eat
            Section I - Choose a Diet That is Low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol and Moderate in Total Fat
            Section J - Choose Beverages and Foods to Moderate Your Intake of Sugars
            Section K - Choose and Prepare Foods with Less Salt
            Section L - If You Drink Alcoholic Beverages, Do So in Moderation
            Feedback Exercise

Lesson 4: Nutritional Needs of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
               Impact of Medication on Nutrition
            Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Seniors with Developmental Disabilities
            Feedback Exercise

Lesson 5: Promoting Physical Activity and Wellness in Persons with Developmental Disabilities
            Feedback Exercise

Answers to Feedback Exercises

            Balancing the Dimensions of Wellness
            Utensils: Tools for Increasing Independence
            Seniors Food Guide Pyramid
            Building Motivation and Commitment
           Weight/Resistance Training from The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability